The cloud hosting pack is a very good option if you prefer to manage multiple sites within a sole website hosting account. Using more than plenty of capabilities accessible, you’re able to host your famous e–shop or community portal.


Web Accelerators

The Web Accelerator Instruments (Node.js, Memcached and Varnish) available in the hosting Hosting Control Panel, could considerably boost the speed of your dynamic websites.

They’re built to store in a cache the content on your web sites and thus minimize the amount of queries to the database server or the application programming interface. This will help all your websites load much quicker than before and will help you draw more pleased web site visitors, which means lower bounce rates.

Multiple Data Centers

Hosting plans in the US, in Europe and in Australia

Nowadays we have data centers in America (Steadfast in Chicago), in Europe (Pulsant near London, Ficolo in Pori, Finland and Telepoint in Sofia, Bulgaria) and in Australia (Amaze in Sydney). We’ve cautiously selected each data center facility in order to ensure enterprise–class hosting solutions for your websites and applications. There aren’t any additional charges – the price will stay the same no matter which datacenter you select.

Scripting Support

Perl. Python. PHP. PostgreSQL. MySQL

Set up a PHP–powered site. Write a Python web application. Use the capabilities of over nine thousand Perl modules. Store your data in MySQL or even PgSQL databases. Create InnoDB tables. Enable external MySQL database connections. You can do all that plus much more using any of the hosting packages that we are offering. There aren’t any extra costs – everything is included in your hosting pack by default


A safe and secure web application firewall program

All our hosting packages include ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a small Apache module that does a remarkable job – it acts as a web app firewall, efficiently defending all your web sites against hack attacks. What is even more it all happens automatically, without you needing to modify or tweak anything. Your sites will be guarded the very moment you choose to host them with us.

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Service guarantees

Each of our plans is set up for your needs completely free. 30–day money–back. 99.9% service uptime. 1–hour reply time.

Compare Our Prices

Take a glance at the tools and attributes offered by our website hosting bundles. You could start with a cheaper package and upgrade with simply a click of the mouse as your website expands.

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