KVM Linux VPS Hosting Services

Linux KVM virtual private servers from Hosting Egypt with SSD storage, total root access & dedicated CPU virtualization. Experience an automated server backup.Zero server setup charges. Quick 24/7 support.

$ 8.00 Per Month

$ 8.00 Per Month

A no-middleman server virtualization

A kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) virtualization

The principal difference between KVM virtual servers and almost all other kinds of virtual servers is the server virtualization environment itself. With KVM, there is absolutely no need for any extra virtualization software program to be run on the server – the obligatory software commands are put directly into the host OS kernel itself instead. This noticeably slashes the resources that the physical server needs to set aside in order to run additional apps and in turn makes those resources available to the virtual servers. The absence of an extra communication layer also curtails the input/output wait time, effectively making your virtual machine run appreciably faster.

Get swift access to dedicated server resources

Utilize server resources allotted solely to you

The trailblazing virtualization methodology employed for the setup of KVM VPSs allows them to better use the existing server resources. The KVM technology is embedded directly into the kernel of the host machine’s Operating System and makes it possible for virtual machines to communicate directly with the physical machine’s hardware components rather than needing to pass through a virtualization layer for each and every request. This lessened communication redundancy leads to a far faster VPS performance. I/O requests can be additionally sped up using Virtio drivers.

Thorough OS control

Absolute freedom to set up any OS you like

One of the limitations of Virtual Private Servers compared to dedicated servers is the OS itself – you’re ordinarily tied to the OS options offered by your provider. However, with a KVM-powered VPS you can choose practically any Operating System that is supported by your server’s specs and the hardware components of the physical host server. This is possible thanks to the specific way in which KVM virtualization functions. KVM is incorporated straight into the host OS kernel, allowing virtual machines to interact directly with the hardware, without needing to use an additional communication layer, found in other virtualization alternatives.

SSD–oriented VPS

SSD–oriented VPS Hosting Solutions

Faster VPS’s with SSD space

Having an SSD–based website hosting server can be a big advantage as far as website enhancement is concerned. A web page or an app held on an SSD will open and work noticeably faster as opposed to a web site or a web application managed on an ordinary hard disk. This is the reason why, all of our Linux KVM virtual private servers are provided with solid–state storage.

No Configuration Fees for Your VPS

We arrange the hosting server gratis for everyone

The cost of a Linux KVM virtual private server is greater than that of a normal cloud hosting pack by reason of the cutting–edge virtualization technology it is driven by. That’s why we do not impose on you any configuration or networking management charges. The end cost of your Linux KVM virtual private server is the price that you can see mentioned on our store.

Total Admin Access to Your VPS

Control every part of your server

We ensure that you get total system admission to your Linux KVM virtual private server, to ensure you can get total control over your web server. You can easily re–setup the currently–installed Operating System or re–configure the Apache server. In addition, you could add any new software package that you want. If you need some guidance handling your server, you could check out our Installation & Troubleshooting package anytime.

The Specs Your VPS is Bundled With

All the functions you will need for your Linux KVM virtual private server in 1 place

Your Linux KVM virtual private server will be provided with an extensive set of functions for controlling your ever–requiring online presence. You’ll be assigned SSD storage space, together with warranted CPU and memory assets for maintaining your resource–demanding sites. Also, you’ll get a free of cost dedicated IP address and a range of free of cost applications to start your own reseller hosting home business, such as a domain supplier profile and also a support and invoicing software application installation. In addition, your Linux KVM virtual private server will be situated on a solid control hosting server that will guarantee a steady environment for developing and running web presence.

VPS Hosting Service

VPS Hosting Service Guarantees

99.9% networking uptime and twenty–four–seven guidance

Your Linux KVM virtual private server is backed up by a group of service guarantees. First, our qualified professionals will put together the server for you within an hour following registration. Since we wish to give you the most affordable rate out there, we don’t charge you any configuration service fees. In addition, we have made our own inside network due to which we could ensure a 99.9% system uptime for your VPS. You can easily make use of our 24×7 support working with the pre–installed software applications.

A Free Dedicated IP

Get a 100% free dedicated IP with your VPS

A dedicated IP address will offer you a lot more control of your web site or web app, that’s why we add in one for free together with your Linux KVM virtual private server.

VPS Backup

Your crucial files will constantly be safe

Preserving your hosting server information intact is a top–priority job for our admins. If you ever lose your VPS content material by accident or by result of a hacker invasion, we are ready to regain your files from back–up at any time. For this specific purpose, we complete scheduled back–ups of all your information and databases and we can also restore your web server configuration settings.

Linux OS Choices

Choose your Linux distribution

You can easily decide on a Linux syndication – Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS with all of our Linux KVM virtual private servers.

clock Help and Support

Round–the–clock Help and Support

Your VPS will be in trusted hands

Our support team is online for you 24 hours to support you with any software instrument that your VPS arrives pre–equipped with. Should you are in need of help with the SolusVM Panel or have any kind of questions about the installed web site hosting Control Panel, Hosting Egypt experts will be prepared to help you.